Trying something new…

Tasting smoked 'omul,' a fish native to Siberia's Lake Baikal.

Because it’s unfeasible to eat out everyday (I’m poor and believe it or not, busy), I’ve been thinking of ways to be able to update this blog more regularly, I’m going to start adding some non-restaurant review, but still relevant, posts. I eat way too much and too often to let these things go to waste…

Pete and I cook quite a bit at home, and because I’m drawn to recipes with 3,920,382,920 ingredients (admittedly neither cost-effective nor time-efficient), we cook food that might fall under the “ethnic” theme of this blog (which only sometimes works out.) Sometime it’s awesome though, and those meals might be worth documenting.

Ok well, last night we had a decidedly British meal of lamb, roasted potatoes, carrots, but…go with me on this one.

So in an effort to try new recipes in addition to new restaurants/cuisines, I’ll start trying to post some other stuff on this site. The definition of “stuff” is, of course, to be determined.

Meanwhile, I’ll try to be more diligent about my ethnic restaurant escapades and schedule what looks like will be an Indonesian meal (though voting is still open! scroll down a few posts and help decide where we’ll eat for ‘I’)

Stay tuned for some pictures of recent at-home sushi and Indian feasts. Not at the same time of course, but I for one wouldn’t object.

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