I is for Iranian: Patogh

Inside Patogh, top floor.

The point of EATabetical, I suppose, is going to restaurants that perhaps don’t feel like England. Well, instead of going a a restaurant that feels foreign for this letter, we went to an entire street.

Edgware Road, London

The Southern end of Edgware Road near Marble Arch in West London is known for its Middle Eastern restaurants and late-night shisha bars. Some areas are even referred to as “Little Cairo” and “Little Beirut.” It is no surprise then, that area is known for some of the best kebabs in the city.

I know what you’re thinking- kebabs don’t sound that exotic. But discovering the foods of the world isn’t always about finding the most hard to pronounce dish with the longest list of unheard of ingredients. In this case, we decided to make it about eating common Iranian cafe staples, prepared particularly well.


Patogh does just that. With only about seven tables scattered on two closet-sized floors and a one-page menu, Patogh keeps it simple. The options are basically a variety of appetizers (hummus, yogurt, salads) and mains that include minced lamb, lamb chunks, and chicken with your choice of rice, bread, or salad. Patogh is also apparently known for their enormous special Persian bread- a delicious cross between naan, pita, and Xinjiang bread, in my opinion.

"Special bread," with Pete's head as a size reference.

Simple works. Pete ordered the special lamb plate (both kind of lamb kebabs) and I ordered the “whole baby chicken.” Each dish was excellent. The stand out though, was the lamb kebab (chunks, not mince), which Pete declared the best lamb he’s ever had! My chicken never stood a chance next to that dish, which was fine, because servings at Patogh are huge.

Lamb special.

We also shared mast-o-musir, a yogurt and shallot appetizer made from some of the thickest, most delicious yogurt I’ve had and special bread. We were also served some hummus on the house! Word about EATabetical must be getting out… 😉

Whole baby chicken. (Check out that itty bitty chicken wing!)

After dinner, we tried to find a bar to sit outside at, people watch, and smoke a water pipe. Though there are dozens upon dozens to choose from and fruity tobacco can be smelled within a mile radius of Edgware Road, we had no such luck. The weather last weekend was waaaaaaay to warm for anyone to be missing out on an opportunity to be outside!

I guess we didn’t try any new foods on this particular outing, but I definitely won’t be limiting kebabs to the late-night, drunk-food category ever again!

Inside Patogh.



8 Crawford Place, W1H 5NE (off Edgware Road, closest tube: Edgware Road or Marble Arch)

meal for 2 with appetizers, BYOB: between £20-£30 (mains £6-10)


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Yum. I want to go here and order the lamb when next we are in London.

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