Billingsgate Fish Market

I love fish markets. I get it from my dad, who used to make us wake up at 5am during any vacation near an ocean to go check out men selling fish.

I used to think it was crazy, but now I too like to watch men selling fish.

So, on Saturday morning Pete and I woke up early (5:45am) to go to the UK’s largest fish market. According to Wikipedia, Billingsgate opens at 5:30am, but I’ve heard the restaurant people go around 3-4am while they are setting up. It’s packed up and closed down by 8am, and next time, I’d go even earlier as they were starting to clean up by the time we arrived around 6:45am.

Here are some photos from the visit.

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One word of advice- don’t let out any high-pitch yelps if a crab escapes from it’s box and falls to the floor- the fisherman will mock you. Not that I speak from experience.


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2 Responses to Billingsgate Fish Market

  1. thewineway says:

    wow! so cool! did the market remind you of china? did you guys buy anything?

  2. Anonymous says:

    What did you buy?? Was it good??

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