What is going on here?

I’m living in London and eating my way through the alphabet. Sometimes I write or post pictures about other stuff, but this blog was created originally for the EATabetical challenge.

The rules are simple:

For each letter of the alphabet, I find a restaurant that serves a type of cuisine that begins with that letter. For example, I ate Brazillian food for B.

I’m going to try to stick to countries, but if it gets tricky (or boring), cities or regions will do. (Something like ‘X’ might be tricky, but perhaps I could find a Xi’an speciality in a Chinese restaurant.)

I can’t claim this idea entirely as my own, either.  My mom’s friend Marie does this with her friends in Nashville, based on the names of restaurants, not cuisine. (Thanks, Marie!)

Here’s to eating the alphabet!


10 Responses to What is going on here?

  1. Carolyn Thompson says:

    Love the idea..Will look forward to further reading!

  2. DV says:

    Yeah, this is a really good idea.

    • Lolly says:

      Niech pan spyta Nieksalnzą czy bardzo cierpiała. Może napisze o tym książkę? Kilkaset sztuk sprzeda się an bank, pan pewnie kupi, a Niznalska będzie miała na wino i ciastka. Dziecko z pana.

    • Europe1, le Figaro et TF1 sont de simples courroies de transmission des communicants de l’Elysée! On le savait, on en a désormais la preuve! pas étonnant que ces trois médias soient en baisse: qui est dupe de leur manipulation de l’information?

  3. LOVE the idea behind this Steph! 😀 Cannot wait to see where you end up eating next!

    • steph says:

      thanks, hannah! always open to recommendations so let me know if you have an idea or favorite for a letter!

  4. tehbus says:

    For X, you can try XInjiang, a region in China. There is an ace restaurant in Camberwell called Silk Road, I would look it up.

    Good luck!

    • Steph says:

      Ummm, you just made my day…week….entire existence in London even…There’s XINJIANG food here?! That’s hands-down the thing I miss most about China (I lived in Shanghai for two years.) AND I live near Camberwell. This gets better and better…tell me they dance and have Xinjiang hei pi and make their own yogurt!

      • Amber says:

        : L’image reste t’elle quand même visible (vérifier en éclairant l’écran avec une lampe en jouant sur l’angle d&ia©uo;Ãqclsrrage) ?

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